Our Pet Grooming Salon

Willow's Oak Pet Lodge offers personalized pet grooming and day spa services. We love to treat your pet like royalty!

Pampered Bath

Doggy Pampered Bath

Dogs: $20.00–$35.00


Add $4.00 for Medicated, Hypoallergenic or Flea Baths.

Note: A Bath does not include a pedicure or brushing of matted hair.


Pet Massage

$10.00 per session

Pet massage has been shown to improve health, enhance bonding and provide pure enjoyment for your pet. This relaxing and therapeutic session consists of a 20 minute massage therapy session in a relaxing environment.

Teeth Brushing

Teeth Brushing for pets


Does your pet have less than appealing breath? This service is not an alternative to routine dental care performed by a trained veterinarian, but regular teeth brushing can aid in reducing tartar and unappealing bad breath.

Pampered Pooch Packages

all packages include a bath and aromatherapy oil massage




Aromatherapy Massage

Pooch Premium




Aromatherapy Massage

Pooch Deluxe




Aromatherapy Massage

Teeth Brushed

Dogs 45+ lbs add $5.00; Long haired dogs add $4.00

Pet Aromatherapy

Our aromatherapy sessions offer natural pet care aromatherapy blends combined for your dog using high quality essential oils and infusions. We offer four essential oil blends:

Relax Time

A calming blend of aromatic oils designed to ease doggie anxieties and hyperactivity.


An aromatherapy blend designed to refresh and invigorate your pet.

Skin Soother

A soothing combination which eases inflamed, itchy skin.

Arthritis Relief

A formula blended to ease doggie arthritis and achy bones.

Health Note

All pets must be fully vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian before being admitted for boarding services. All guests must undergo an entrance exam. If your pet has fleas or ticks we will be required to apply a topical treatment at the owner's expense.

dog reservations

For reservations or more info call (985) 845-9444

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