dog grooming

Dog Grooming & Spa Services

Willow’s Oak Pet Lodge & Doggie Daycare offers personalized dog grooming and dog spa services. There’s no better feeling than picking up your clean, happy pup after a day of doggie daycare or a longer stay at our pet lodge.

Let us do the dirty work so you can enjoy giving your fresh smelling pup all the cuddles they deserve! See our pricing below.

“My dog is always so excited to come here, and the staff is incredibly friendly and recognize my dog whenever we pull up. I never have to worry about my dog here and I love all of the extra packages they offer such as swim time, play time, dog grooming and extra cuddles etc.”
-Google Review by Camryn Anderson



$25 – 0-30 lbs. dogs

$30 – 31-70 lbs. dogs

$35 – 71-100 lbs. dogs

$39 – 100+ lbs. dogs

Add $4.00 for medicated, hypoallergenic or flea baths

Note: Dog bathing does not include a pedicure of brushing of matted hair


$10 – Pawdicure

$10 – Teeth Brushing 

Does your pet have less than appealing breath? This service is not an alternative to routine dental care performed by a trained veterinarian. However, regular teeth brushing can aid in reducing tartar and unappealing breath.

$10 – Massage 

Pet massage has been shown to improve health, enhance bonding and provide pure enjoyment for your pet. This relaxing and therapeutic session consists of a 20 minute massage therapy session in a relaxing environment.

All pets must be fully vaccinated before being admitted for dog grooming services.